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Are you ready to heal the money?

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Welcome to Heal the Money, a blog about transforming our financial consciousness. What does that mean, exactly? It means shifting the resonance of money out of the restrictive energy of ego and into the limitless energy of enlightenment. 

This question posed in the headline — are you ready to heal the money — is not a frivolous one, not in the least. To heal the money is a serious endeavor. It will require changing everything — all the financial foundations and structures we’re currently agreeing to or tolerating or profiting from — even money itself — they are all to be transformed if we are serious about healing the money. Are you prepared for this? 

It’s a question that may not actually be relevant because it is coming regardless. The financial structures of our world are about to be transformed as a consequence of the evolutionary path of consciousness.

We will heal the money. All will be changed.

This shift will be very positive, though — joyful in fact — it is not to be feared. It will free us from shackles we don’t even recognize exist. It will infuse our world with light and time and peace. It will bring freedom.

This blog is intended to help those at the forefront of this transformation, those lighting the path for the shift. It will also help those feeling stress from our current economy as it transforms. I intend to include some practical guides here as well as provide energy and strength to lift folks out of worry, fear, confusion and drama around money. 

This blog is an outgrowth of the book I’ve been writing, called “Heal the Money.” As the book is being edited and prepared, I felt it important to get the powerful teachings contained within it out as soon as possible to those who might benefit. 

What is money, exactly? Do you know?

You may already realize how little education we are given about money. Money is entirely central to our present functioning life, far more so than, say, math or science, but there is no required public education about it whatsoever. I’m not talking high finance, but basics like what is the history of money and why does it have this place in our lives. We aren’t taught how money really works, where it comes from, or even what it really is.

As a consequence of this possibly purposeful lack of education, we easily fall into feeling insecure and incompetent around it. We hesitate to even admit not knowing. 

That unease quickly leads to openings for the general population to be manipulated and taken advantage of by the small number of people who devise the major structures of our system. 

In our current economy, it’s as if we have an open wound and are watching the blood pour out and are afraid to ask, “What’s this red stuff exactly?” because no one has explained blood to us. We all just carry on, feeling stupid for asking, believing maybe everyone but us was born with an innate understanding of money. We’re not even sure where the wounds are that are causing all the blood loss!

“There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” — Warren Buffett 

As billionaire investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett has pointed out, a class war is underway. The regular people are the cannon fodder.

The more that people are kept in the dark and afraid, the more they will do as they’re told without any complaints or questions. The more that people believe the conventional stories and the relentless “American Dream” serenade, the easier it is, ultimately, to steal from them. 

The good news is the current receding tide of money is revealing the rot at the foundations — the fraud and deceit that have been covered up by all the flowing money are being exposed. This dynamic will continue and will gain more and more strength. 

Meanwhile, most folks aren’t going to like what they see. It’s pretty dark down there and there’ll be some major trolls flushed out of the crumbling wood. But, though it may be scary to look at, truth is always something to welcome. 

The transition will affect everyone, rich and poor. The rich may even feel what’s coming more severely than average folks. They’ve been lulled into thinking they know how things work and are insulated from financial worries. But many foundations they’ve built upon are likely to collapse. They will need to find alternate sources of self-esteem and stability.  

Although this transition is going to challenge us, it is more importantly a grand opportunity — a chance to free ourselves of the clenching restrictions of ego on our money system. It is our time to let go of generations worth of worry and fear and limiting beliefs. It is also our moment to tap unbounded reservoirs of creativity and grace and generosity, which ultimately will be far more rewarding and fulfilling than our current habits. 

As a friend of mine’s father sagely put it, “If all these economic problems are forcing us to help each other more, is that such a bad thing?”

I believe it is the energy of helping each other more that will lift us very quickly into the age to come.

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