About Heal the Money

Heal the Money — the book and this blog — are intended to help transform your relationship with and beliefs about money as we move into an era of awakened consciousness. The old structures of money are collapsing as human consciousness moves to its next state. The old ego-driven financial systems cannot be sustained. We need a road map of how to get from where we are now to where we will be. Heal the Money is that road map. The book and blog provide background on why the collapse is occurring and clearly explain how individuals can remove themselves from the egoic consciousness that created it in the first place. It presents a new paradigm for money that is the foundation for our new civilization. It explains why indeed the “meek” of Jesus’ sermon shall inherit the earth.

What is unique about Heal the Money?

Heal the Money book and blog convey both confidence and compassion. They speak with the immediacy of someone “on the ground” in the middle of the shift, who knows exactly what it’s like to be facing crisis, and who is taking notes as the transformation happens within and around her. It bridges two worlds: encountering the traumas generated by current structures of our world and pointing the way out to the framework of the awakened world. 

Books written so far do not take into full account the power of ego’s death grip on money. Ego threatens: “Ignore me, and your money will disappear and you will not survive.” The fear of dying may be abstract, but the fear of not having any money is very real. This lock is a primary factor delaying the expansion of human consciousness. Heal the Money loosens ego’s grip by eliminating the beliefs that keep it in power over money and by tuning to the abundant resonance of Being.

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