The Apocalypse of Ego and Return of the King — AKA the “Financial Doom of Colossal Proportions!” and What To Do About It

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This time of bailout frenzy and bank failures has indeed been a time of constant terror whip-up. My friend writes:

Hi Suzanne, what do you think of what’s going on? I am anxious and full of fear, and can’t watch the news anymore. Where can I go to get other points of view? There must be something positive to concentrate on while everyone seems to be in panic?

Indeed, this time of terror production is a precious moment to stare one’s ego plainly in the face. This is the gift in the darkness. 

The fanning of fear, of doom, these are the weapons of ego, and ego is the dark side. Ego is the shadow. Ego is the part of us we have let run this world. 

Egoic consciousness is breaking apart before our eyes as the Berlin Wall fell before our eyes 20 years ago — in astonishing swiftness. The egoic consciousness that dreamt up these financial structures that we’ve been enduring in the first place, let alone actually foisted them on the world is taking its last frantic breaths. 

Ego has held most tightly to money and will not let its death grip go without a fight. This is the reason for the injection of fear coursing through the nation. 

But before we go any further, some of you may be curious, what do I mean by “ego”? The way I think about it, ego is the aspect of you — of each of us — that works to put you above or below another person or group. It is the judging, condemning, or boastful, superior voice within. As Eckhart Tolle describes it, ego is the complete attachment to form. I understand “form” as the external, the physical (the house you live in or the car you drive) or the conceptual (the beliefs you hold about yourself and the world) that are interpreted positively or negatively by the mind. When one is attached to form, there is no separation between one’s identity and the external form or belief — you are your car, you are your beliefs.

Money, more than any other form, has been completely dominated by ego energy for countless generations. The end of this road is what is being revealed now: an unregulated, unrestrained frenzy of greed, of avarice, of recklessness, of irresponsibility, of lack of compassion, of blindness and deafness — of madness. 

“Enough!” The call of Barack Obama touches the exact stand so many are intuitively reaching. 

This “enough” is the voice of our knowing self. This is the voice of the observer of ego, the part of us who cannot stomach what we see. The part of us who cannot live with ourselves this way anymore. 

With that “enough,” we have begun to give voice to the consciousness that is grounded in compassion and fairness and community and higher vision. We have called an end to the madness of ego and we have put our foot down: Enough!

Ego is not used to being denied. 

Ego, after all, has been running amok for generations. “Who are you,” it booms menacingly, “to say no to me?!” (I hear Darth Vader’s or James Earle Jones’ voice here.) “Don’t you know what will happen to you and your children? You and they will be swept off the face of the earth if you don’t give me what I want! Give me what I want and we will rule the universe as we were meant to!”

Enough! No!

“Then cower in fear as I unleash all the energy of destruction on the planet! Ignore me and it will be Financial Doom of Colossal Proportions!!!”

Standing Up to Abuse

The egoic consciousness is relentlessly abusive. No matter what the circumstances, what choice is made, what achievements, what breakthroughs, what path is taken, the energy of ego will never let up. It is constantly dissatisfied, constantly berating. Even $700 billion, $750 billion, $800 billion would not be enough. There is no amount that would be enough. 

The thing to understand about ego is that it is programmed as a lack creator. By its nature, it is never satisfied. It is like trying to fill a black hole. The task is impossible. 

But ego has no self awareness of this dysfunction, so it rains down fire and brimstone in desperate attempts to meet its current objectives. 

We finally, collectively, stood up and said no to the abuse meted out by this abusive egoic financial system. 

In essence, we — by our phone calls and rallies and protests — climbed on top of this virtual financial Berlin Wall — the division between the kleptocratic haves and the struggling have nots, between fraud and honesty, between cloaked dealings and transparency. 

We climbed on top of this wall, triumphant — for a moment.

Today, however, Congress felt the pressure of the virtual guns trained on them and down from the wall-top they scurried. 


They fell for the age-old trick of ego. To make us cower, ego will bring up all the things we fear most. It will try to make us feel like the failures for not agreeing to its demands. You could easily hear the egoic refrain from those pushing this bailout: they blamed those who questioned the giveaway saying any delay would threaten financial collapse — of colossal proportions!!!

Fear around money is a long-conditioned thoughtform: “If I lose all my money, what do I have to show for my efforts in life? How will I survive? If all this is taken away, what am I? If all that I’ve done has come to nothing, why go on? All the dreams and hopes, are they to end? Am I really worthless now?”

For some, these fears are far more visceral than the fear of death itself. Fear of dying can be very abstract — fear of losing all your money is very real. 

Return of the King 

King of the Dead

King of the Dead

There’s a scene that comes to mind from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King that is an apt metaphor. In the scene, Aragorn has to venture into the dark mountain from which no man has returned — the Path of the Dead — and face the Dead Army. This is our time. Everything we fear most, all the past conditioning that causes us to back away from what we need to do, is threatening us. We need to face the fears, face the buried skeletons — the Dead Army — and find our “king” within that is master over what we fear, master of our ego, and move forward.

(scene begins at 1:46 into clip)


Our inner king, our awareness, our consciousness, is master over this onslaught of ego. 

We are in the mountain. We need to dispatch our egoic consciousness. 

How do we do that? The good news is it’s already happening. We would not have succeeded in stopping the first unlimited, unquestioned, unexamined bailout attempt if we hadn’t already collectively said “enough.”

First, know that we have all the power we need to change what needs to be changed, especially the abusive financial system in which we exist.

The world as it exists is not the world we deserve. Standing up for what we deserve is important, but to do this successfully, we will need to heal and undo generations of programming.

What we all deserve is freedom from abuse, of any kind, freedom from tyranny. The current money / debt system has become tyrannical, dictating virtually every aspect of our lives. 

It is currently run by the collective energy of ego. As we become free of our own egos, as we loosen the desperate hold ego has on money in our own lives, the efforts of individuals will combine to move the nation forward. Soon, transparent, honest and fair financial structures will become apparent. 

Each small step moves the nation to shed its egoic cloak and we will then be able to rise to our promise.  

So take one step now to let go of your own fears.

Fear is almost always future oriented and is what the ego uses to put on the brakes. Ego cannot survive long in the present moment. Ask yourself, “In this moment, right now, what is the problem? Am I safe right now?” Often, the answer is “Yes, I’m safe at the moment, but what happens if…”  Stop. Stay in the present moment, in that experience of being safe, and let that feeling expand. Don’t follow the “but…” 

Instead, just observe any other thoughts that come up as you might watch a stream pass by. They are just thoughts. Let them pass in front of you as easily as the stream, without resistance or judgment. 

Aragorn leads the Dead Army

Aragorn leads the Dead Army

Certainly there are times when real crises occur. But fear is not a required emotion for responding to crises. Even in those times, one can be operating out of an energy that is simply observant and responsive, without fear, as Aragorn strode into the mountain.

Imagine what this financial crisis discussion would have been like without the fear and desperation. Would we have climbed off the wall and given up on reforms to help Main Street so quickly? 

We are far from finished, however, with this restructuring. There will be more opportunities to bring down the wall. 

More steps to help ease fears to come in my next blog: Defeating Saber-Toothed Financial Tigers

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The Receding Tide of Money and What It Reveals

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The collapsing of our financial structures began in earnest this week. It will continue as the structures that have ruled our lives for generations dismantle. 

Many people are panicked. They’re anticipating disaster and doom and are either reacting hastily or are frozen in fear. Many others are simply stunned from overwhelm, don’t know what to make of it all, and are carrying on as if nothing is happening. They’re thinking, “I can’t do anything about it, and I don’t know what it really means to me yet, so I’ll just, um, go to the gym.”  

What does it all mean? Why is it happening?

From a financial consciousness perspective, these current external structures absolutely have had to change. They have been operating from an energy of ego that is deeply disconnected from the evolutionary path of human consciousness. The truth is simple: We cannot continue to build a civilization on blind self interest and corruption.

As more and more humans intuitively become aware of this disconnect via one aspect of corruption and deception or another, it has become increasingly impossible to sustain those old abusive structures. 

The old abusive structures and the power-brokers behind them, after all, utterly depend upon the people agreeing to the system. Enough people now do not agree and that is contributing to bringing the system to a crashing halt. 

The more we understand what is happening from an energetic point of view, the more we can take ourselves out of worry and fear, put ourselves in a natural flow of resources, and contribute to the creation of a new system that does serve us — a system that does reflect the emerging consciousness and the evolution of human beings. 

But while the external structures must change, we must at the same time change the internal structures that created it in the first place. Beliefs and thoughtforms we’ve been holding onto within our minds have gone along with the abuse for generations. We need to get rid of those negative outdated programs we keep running in our heads.

In fact, changing the internal structures is the only way the external structures will actually truly change. It’s the only way to make sure that the new system will be better than what is collapsing. Otherwise, as we saw happen after the communist revolution, the overhaul may create a system as bad, if not worse than the original one.

The inner must shift. 

The Declaration of Independence states that our leaders derive their power from the consent of the governed. We withdraw that consent, their power disappears. The trick has been, as has become increasingly clear, that the true wielders of power are not our public officials — they are the unelected uber wealthy who get the public officials elected. 

We must now apply the same principle here — their power derives from money, or, more accurately, from the power we collectively associate with money. As we withdraw our consent to that power and to the corrupt money systems, their power evaporates. We must cease to continue the thoughtforms about money that disempower us, and we must stop agreeing to these disingenuous systems.

Instead, we reclaim our power, reconnect with what we deserve, and awaken to what God / Spirit / consciousness  / our inner being, has been holding for us as our next evolutionary leap. 

The time to shift the idea of money is upon us. This shift will have the fastest and most significant effect on everything else. 

But first, we need to ask from a consciousness perspective, what purpose was being served by all this flowing money?

All the money that appeared to be circulating had been hiding a whole host of issues we’ve ignored for far too long. Institutional issues, societal issues as well as individual personal anxieties, fears and feelings of inadequacy. Now, at last, we can address them.

To put it another way, money is receding like a tide. The withdrawal of the tide is revealing the rotten foundations that have been festering under the flow. This is the only way we’d be able to dig them up and clear them out. 

In this way, the receding tide is a gift of light. The darkness of the system itself would never come to light without the receding tide. 

[See NYTimes interactive graphic that details market caps of selected major financial firms on Oct 9, 2007 compared with Sept 12, 2008] 

The drop is also bringing into high relief the ego’s death grip on money — a major theme of this book and blog. The ego likes to latch onto anything it thinks will elevate itself, or belittle itself, depending on the day. Money has been serving that purpose perfectly. 

Money is the ego’s favorite tool. Ego will not give it up without a fight. We’re seeing the beginning of that fight now. 

This blog and book will help you to release the grip ego has on money in your own life. The more we let go of ego in our finances, the more we will feel abundant, capable, in control and in the natural, easy flow of resources.

What is on the other side of the fight? Well, consider the caterpillar — if a caterpillar were conscious of itself and someone came up to it and said it would soon be a beautiful flying creature known as a butterfly, I imagine the caterpillar would laugh really hard. Yeah, right. How would the caterpillar know, looking at its wriggling body or the dark cocoon it’s stuck in, what a wondrous and completely different thing it was destined to become? 

Perhaps we too will be floored by how wondrous our transcendent leap will be. 

The next evolutionary unfolding may just be more remarkable than we can imagine. Since we cannot imagine it fully now, we must have faith in the process. The lifeforce that propels the transcendent flower and the majestic tree into their full beauty is the same force that propels us now into a beauty beyond what we can currently conceptualize. 

Considering this dynamic should help us let go of some of our anxiety and fear. The ugly cocoon of our time is not the emerging butterfly. The fuzzy buds surrounding the flower are not the flower. The cramped and wrinkled petals that first push out of the fuzzy buds are only the beginning — shortly, the full bloom with its glory and perfume expands, shockingly, unexpectedly glorious. 

To look at the bud, one would never believe it possible that a flower such as this would emerge, but it is a miracle of the lifeforce. A miracle of the wonder within all beings. 

This is the glory soon to transform human beings. 

There are equitable and fair monetary structures to be discovered which will be much more nurturing to the common people and wealthy alike. Right now, the people are weary and tortured in many ways. They’re giving up higher dreams and putting up with crap that they dare not even acknowledge fully to themselves. It been the proverbial boiled frog syndrome: We’ve long had an intuition we’re being boiled, but each day it’s only a little bit hotter, so we think maybe we’re imagining it — we can’t point directly to the source of the heat — yet. 

This blog and this book asks you to put aside most likely everything you’ve been told about money your whole life — as an exercise. You can always take up the old ideas afterward if you still prefer them and they’re working for you. But for the time being, be prepared to put them aside as an exercise.

It is a powerful exercise, an empowering exercise, one will shake us from from the negativity of the current conditions. This blog and book’s intention is to release the rigidity of the thoughtforms we’ve been trapped in, and thereby free up the energy of creation around money. 

Then we can ask, what call of the soul is pulling us forward?

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Are you ready to heal the money?

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Welcome to Heal the Money, a blog about transforming our financial consciousness. What does that mean, exactly? It means shifting the resonance of money out of the restrictive energy of ego and into the limitless energy of enlightenment. 

This question posed in the headline — are you ready to heal the money — is not a frivolous one, not in the least. To heal the money is a serious endeavor. It will require changing everything — all the financial foundations and structures we’re currently agreeing to or tolerating or profiting from — even money itself — they are all to be transformed if we are serious about healing the money. Are you prepared for this? 

It’s a question that may not actually be relevant because it is coming regardless. The financial structures of our world are about to be transformed as a consequence of the evolutionary path of consciousness.

We will heal the money. All will be changed.

This shift will be very positive, though — joyful in fact — it is not to be feared. It will free us from shackles we don’t even recognize exist. It will infuse our world with light and time and peace. It will bring freedom.

This blog is intended to help those at the forefront of this transformation, those lighting the path for the shift. It will also help those feeling stress from our current economy as it transforms. I intend to include some practical guides here as well as provide energy and strength to lift folks out of worry, fear, confusion and drama around money. 

This blog is an outgrowth of the book I’ve been writing, called “Heal the Money.” As the book is being edited and prepared, I felt it important to get the powerful teachings contained within it out as soon as possible to those who might benefit. 

What is money, exactly? Do you know?

You may already realize how little education we are given about money. Money is entirely central to our present functioning life, far more so than, say, math or science, but there is no required public education about it whatsoever. I’m not talking high finance, but basics like what is the history of money and why does it have this place in our lives. We aren’t taught how money really works, where it comes from, or even what it really is.

As a consequence of this possibly purposeful lack of education, we easily fall into feeling insecure and incompetent around it. We hesitate to even admit not knowing. 

That unease quickly leads to openings for the general population to be manipulated and taken advantage of by the small number of people who devise the major structures of our system. 

In our current economy, it’s as if we have an open wound and are watching the blood pour out and are afraid to ask, “What’s this red stuff exactly?” because no one has explained blood to us. We all just carry on, feeling stupid for asking, believing maybe everyone but us was born with an innate understanding of money. We’re not even sure where the wounds are that are causing all the blood loss!

“There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” — Warren Buffett 

As billionaire investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett has pointed out, a class war is underway. The regular people are the cannon fodder.

The more that people are kept in the dark and afraid, the more they will do as they’re told without any complaints or questions. The more that people believe the conventional stories and the relentless “American Dream” serenade, the easier it is, ultimately, to steal from them. 

The good news is the current receding tide of money is revealing the rot at the foundations — the fraud and deceit that have been covered up by all the flowing money are being exposed. This dynamic will continue and will gain more and more strength. 

Meanwhile, most folks aren’t going to like what they see. It’s pretty dark down there and there’ll be some major trolls flushed out of the crumbling wood. But, though it may be scary to look at, truth is always something to welcome. 

The transition will affect everyone, rich and poor. The rich may even feel what’s coming more severely than average folks. They’ve been lulled into thinking they know how things work and are insulated from financial worries. But many foundations they’ve built upon are likely to collapse. They will need to find alternate sources of self-esteem and stability.  

Although this transition is going to challenge us, it is more importantly a grand opportunity — a chance to free ourselves of the clenching restrictions of ego on our money system. It is our time to let go of generations worth of worry and fear and limiting beliefs. It is also our moment to tap unbounded reservoirs of creativity and grace and generosity, which ultimately will be far more rewarding and fulfilling than our current habits. 

As a friend of mine’s father sagely put it, “If all these economic problems are forcing us to help each other more, is that such a bad thing?”

I believe it is the energy of helping each other more that will lift us very quickly into the age to come.

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